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We have been capitalizing Start-up and Early Stage Companies as their venture capital partner, since 1998. As former Wall Street investment bankers, we create convertible preferred equity to assist small companies in raising $1 – $25 million in equity capital—our sweet spot.

These companies become portfolio companies in our Venture Capital Fund; Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I. Once in our Venture Capital Fund, the companies are available for further investment by your firm or its investors as co-investors.

All of our portfolio companies have gone through a due diligence process that also filters for a pre-existing list of potential investors for your Broker Dealer to solicit. In addition, our portfolio companies have a mandate to provide cash for a marketing budget to assist your Broker Dealer in attracting hundreds if not thousands of additional NEW investors to your firm.

We invest in, incubate and or accelerate these start-up and early stage companies to be the “quality deal flow” sought by Wall Street for IPOs and Corporate America for acquisitions. Hence, these companies inherently become quality deal flow to Broker Dealers like yours in the interim and beyond.

All Platinum Preferred Broker Dealer receive a 30-day first right of refusal for investments in quality pre-IPO companies. To become a Platinum Preferred Broker Dealer please fill out the registration form below.

There is Never any Cost or Obligation to Participate.


You’ve been invited to review various companies in our Commonwealth Capital Income Fund
– I, by our Investment Policy Committee.

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