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Commonwealth Capital Adds New Crowdfunding Chapter to Its Premier E-Book, “The Secrets of Wall Street — Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies”

CHICAGO, July 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Commonwealth Capital LLC, a pioneering provider of Corporate Finance Advisory and Regulation Crowdfunding services, announced today that it has updated its popular e-book with a new Chapter Two dedicated entirely to crowdfunding.

The definition of the term “crowdfunding” has evolved in recent years. The term was originally used for donation-based crowdfunding only, but is now used to define capital-based crowdfunding — also known as Regulation Crowdfunding — under Title II (2) and then under Title III (3) of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act of 2012.

ebook4The JOBS Act has significantly leveled the investment playing field, encouraging a growing number of entrepreneurs to begin fielding their own crowdfunded offerings. Unfortunately, in their excitement to take advantage of these new opportunities, many entrepreneurs fail to recognize that significant legal and managerial risks remain when raising crowdfunded capital. These risks can be devastating professionally and personally if not identified and addressed from the start.

“What most entrepreneurs don’t understand is that seeking capital though Regulation Crowdfunding is a securities offering and is still a very tricky business,” said Timothy D. Hogan, CEO of Commonwealth Capital.  “We’ve witnessed too many entrepreneurs making too many unnecessary mistakes and we want to do our part in correcting that problem.”

To help entrepreneurs get started right, Commonwealth Capital provides a complimentary 40-page Abridged Edition of the e-book, downloadable from its website. The new Chapter Two includes comprehensive excerpts and summaries from the 685-page document known as the SEC Final Rules regarding crowdfunding.  More importantly, the Abridged Edition enables entrepreneurs to make qualified decisions on whether a securities offering is right for their company’s capitalization needs.

A complimentary copy of the Abridged Edition can be downloaded at  The complete, 140-page Expert Edition can be purchased online and downloaded at

About Commonwealth Capital LLC
Commonwealth Capital LLC, a pioneering provider of Corporate Finance Advisory and Regulation Crowdfunding services, is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA). Since 1998, CCA has successfully engaged hundreds of start-up and early stage companies in their quest for raising millions of dollars in capital. As former Wall Street investment bankers and experts in compliance matters related to selling securities, the company’s executives are intimately familiar with the criteria employed to successfully raise seed, development and expansion capital. Learn more at

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