Mr. Dreher has over 30 years of experience in the Investment Banking and Securities Industry. His career began in 1985 as a commodity and securities broker. He has worked in many areas of the securities industry, including marketing, sales, broker development and portfolio management. Mr. Dreher’s securities training started with a few large investment banking firms, such as, Christopher Arthur & Co., Inc., John Hancock, and Shearson Lehman Brothers, now known as, Morgan Stanley /Smith Barney.. Mr. Dreher was a Municipal Bond Principal and an Options Principal and set up a network of over thirty-five professional money managers. Mr. Dreher is an advocate for the Entrepreneur (business owner) and has addressed success stories as an Investment Banking Financial Commentator on numerous local & national TV & radio programs, as well as, the worldwide net.

Prior to his securities industry experience, Mr. Dreher spent nine years with Control Data Corporation (CDC), U.S. Marketing. He was responsible for marketing educational products and services including consulting, professional services, project management, seminars, multi-media video programs and computer based education, as well as, the computerization of all the documentation for large complex lawsuits utilizing time sharing services or negotiated licenses for CDC’s proprietary litigation software.

Mr. Dreher spent the first eight years of his career with Statistical Tabulating Corporation in Chicago as Payroll Accountant, Corporate Accountant, and then in a trio role of Sales Support Engineer (implementation specialist), Sales Representative for “HOUSE,” and Customer Service Representative (liaison between the client and production managers). Mr. Dreher attended Loras College, MacCormack College of Commerce, Computer and Business Skills Institute and DePaul University.

As a member of Commonwealth Capital Advisors’s (CCA), Commonwealth Capital (CC)’s and Sprocket Network Executive Boards and senior management team, Mr. Dreher’s responsibilities include oversight of the assets of the firm, as well as business development for the Sprocket Network. He also serves as Executive Director and Vice-Chair of the Investment Policy Committee of Commonwealth Capital’s Income Fund – I & II. 

He is Vice-President of the board of directors of WAIKIKI HEALTH a 501 (c) (3) corporation and serves on the finance committee.

Mr. Dreher is a member in good standing with the Hawaii Venture Capital Association.