Are you Serious about getting funding for your company?
Increase your chances for funding and “do it right the first time”
with the Financial Architect®!

Commonwealth Capital is proud to present the Financial Architect®,
“The fastest way to legally raise capital – Guaranteed”.

If you are looking to raise capital for a startup or early stage company, you need to know how to do it right (and legally) the first time. Most Entrepreneurs believe that raising capital is simply a matter of creating a good business plan, or having a solid foundation for your company and then shopping that around to VCs and angel investors. The truth of the matter, and the hard realization is, this mindset is probably one of the top reasons companies don’t get funded. And for the small amount that do get funded this way, they end up giving up too much of their company for too little, too soon.

Imagine going into a savvy investor and when they ask questions, not only do you not really know, but they know more than you about the answers they are asking questions to. That won’t happen when an Entrepreneur is properly prepared with a completed and fully legal securities offering document.

A legally structured securities offering document (aka Private Placement Memorandum or PPM) is not only a major benefit and advantage, it’s also a legal requirement if you plan on adhering to the securities laws, which will help keep you out of court, jail and trouble.

Benefits of using the Financial Architect®

  • Fastest way to legally raise capital due to plug and play design
  • Don’t give up too much of your company too soon
  • When done right, you retain majority control and ownership
  • Impress investors with proper due diligence and effort invested in your PPM
  • Better chances at success with your business because “You did the PPM”
  • Slim chance to get funding without a proper securities offering document
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars by doing it yourself with the Financial Architect®

    And finally…
  • Do it right the first time!

If you need seed capital, get the Seed Capital Producer. If you need development capital, get the Development Capital Producer. However, we find that most startups need both as they plan on executing a seed and development round of funding, so we have combined the Seed and Development Producer into a combo pack to help you save even more.

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