Corporate Engineering


Corporate Engineering involves mitigating risk and maximizing profits by design. Its primary purpose is to create, implement, monitor and enforce policies, protocols and procedures to mitigate operational, financial, and litigation/regulatory risks for companies. By doing so, entrepreneurs build companies that can withstand the rigors of a competitive business environment and hence reduce risk of investment loss for investors.

Secondarily, Corporate Engineering involves enhancing revenue generation through traditional channel distribution, as well as efficient and effective “social proofing” (proof-of-concept research) and social crowdsourced incubation (sales list building) for improved sales and marketing efforts. Corporate Engineering also prepares companies to expand through strategic acquisitions using equity or debt securities as currency, builds strong income statements and balance sheets to secure traditional debt capital without the need for personal guarantees by the company’s founding principals and attracts management talent necessary to implement critical expansion plans, thereby maximizing potential investment returns.

Due to the inherent risks associated with investing in start-up and early stage companies, proper Corporate Engineering is critical to attract investment capital and management talent. We have automated the standards of proper Corporate Engineering through a progressive series of online exercises, procedures, and executions enabling entrepreneurs to build companies that we, as well as other investors, want to invest in.

Proper Corporate Engineering can take any company from “Idea to IPO.”

We would like to know more about your company and how it might fit within our investment criteria. We have automated the process with our Platinum Access portal below to conduct due diligence on your company to further your company’s qualification for funding.


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