Commonwealth Capital, LLC is a hybrid venture capital management company comprised of former Wall Street investment bankers and stockbrokers, as well as current experts in corporate, tax and securities governance; fraud prevention; deal-structuring and compliance matters related to creating and selling securities; and IT innovators of crowdsourced incubation.

Commonwealth Capital, LLC is the creator; sole owner and operator of the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™; The Financial Architect System™; as well as Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™. The Financial Architect System™ is only available to members of our Corporate Engineering Conservatory™.

We’ve been capitalizing start-up and early stage companies—exclusively since 1998. As our main focus, we apply proven corporate engineering practices designed to create value, enabling your company to easily attract investment capital and management talent, as well as providing options for an exit strategy to create maximum wealth for you and your shareholders.

We have access to many sources of capital for varying stages of a company’s existence. More importantly, we, too, are looking to invest in start-up and early stage companies through our own venture-capital fund—Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™.

Unlike most venture-capital firms, we’ve taken the mystery out of the application and funding process. We’re upfront about what we want to invest in and why.

Unlike most venture capital firms, we won’t leave you frustrated with endless due diligence.

Unlike most venture capital firms, we fund start-ups. We understand the inherent risks involved with investing in start-ups and have built-in protocols to mitigate risks for our Commonwealth Capital Income Fund – I™ and Co-investors.

Unlike most venture capital firms who may fund an early stage company, we do not demand voting control. We only earn 5% to 10% of the total convertible preferred, class-B-non-voting, equity to be issued through our process.

Unlike other venture capital funds or investment banks, we do not utilize outside investor capital which places our fiduciary duty solely with you; the entrepreneur.

Our philosophy is simple. If you can do what we request of you through our process outlined within our Capital Access Portalthere’s a very high probability that we’ll invest in your company, find other investors who will or find a broker-dealer who will sell your company’s securities.

Simply stated, we bring Wall Street to Main Street.