Managing Director & Enterprise Orientation

Welcome! We’re excited you’ve signed up as a Managing Director or Managing Enterprise for Commonwealth Capital, LLC. We offer you an opportunity to truly build personal wealth by attracting quality start-up, early and select later stage companies into one or more of our VC Funds. As you are now aware, we have a generous cash commission structure and a preferred equity share program for you as an Acquirer of portfolio companies for one of our VC Funds. We have two modes of operation. Block & Tackle, where we do 90% of the work “in-house” and Friction Free where the portfolio company candidate does 90-100% of the work through our Corporate Engineering Conservatory.™

We use the term “Managing Enterprise Director” when referring to those individuals who are managing a Managing Enterprise.


There are three separate and distinct phases to a successful acquisition of a Portfolio Company:

  • Acquisition-Sales Phase.
  • Production-Service Phase.
  • Execution-Service Phase.

Approximately eighty (80%) percent of your time and effort, as a Managing Director or Managing Enterprise Director, will be spent on the Acquisition-Sales Phase’s 7 primary functions. Approximately ten (10%) percent on the Production-Service Phase and Ten (10%) percent on the Execution-Service Phase, but only as Liaison to the In-House Production and Execution Team. Hence, this manual and all other supporting material will be broken down in light of such time and effort.

Once one of your companies becomes a portfolio company in one of our VC Funds, through your efforts of “Acquisitions-Sales” phase you will then engage in Service Work for each of these portfolio companies to earn the additional cash and equity as per the Managing Director / Managing Enterprise Agreement.


Acquisition Phase

Acquisition-Sales Phase – Summary (BOTH BLOCK & TACKLE AND FRICTION FREE)

  • Alliances and Director Associates supply deal flow as excellent referral sources to Managing Directors and Managing Enterprises. We do not pay Alliances, so Managing Directors and Managing Enterprises are paid as if the referrals are directly from them.

  • Alliances, Managing Directors and Managing Enterprises contact Portfolio Co. Candidates to conduct the initial due diligence by using their knowledge of the elements of the Invest-ability Survey, as well as this Training Course.

  • Alliances, Managing Directors and Managing Enterprises invite Portfolio Co. Candidates by invitation only, password protected, Capital Access Portal (CAP) – and make sure Portfolio Co. Candidates complete the application and the Invest-ability Survey.

  • If eligible for our Block and Tackle process, Managing Directors and Managing Enterprise Directors coordinate with Investment Policy Committee to arrange a senior mgmt. video conference call.

    Only Managing Directors and Managing Enterprise Directors attend the video conference call and follow-up as directed by Investment Policy Committee.

  • If in-eligible for Block and Tackle, Portfolio Co. Candidate will be directed into our Friction Free “Corp. Engineering Conservatory™”(CEC) for a monthly subscription service. There is an initial sign-u[ fee and then monthly maintenance fees.

  • Only those Portfolio Co. Candidates that are paying for a monthly subscription to the CEC can OPT-IN to our VC Fund (CCIF-I). Only Managing Directors and Managing Enterprise Directors maintain service contact with Portfolio Co. Candidates and drive them into OPT-IN option for entry into our CCIF-I. Only Portfolio Co.s in our VC Fund(s) are viewed by other co-investors invited onto our platform, which are attracted to them because they have been highly screened and engineered to mitigate operational, financial and litigation risk, correctly.

There are also 13 primary functions of Production and Execution phases within the spectrum of our Corporate Finance Term Sheet. Your Service Work is to simply oversee the process as a liaison between the portfolio company candidate and in-house Production and Execution managers. Through continued automation, we have designed your service responsibilities to be accomplished with “light touches,” so you can easily build and scale into an acquisitions sales and service enterprise from your individual practice if you choose to do so.

We handle the Production and Execution phases for each portfolio company, “In-House,” so you can concentrate on building and scaling your personal sales and service practice into a sales and service enterprise operation for maximum wealth creation. As part of our independent Acquisitions sales force, you are the “tip-of-the-spear.”

Our job is to keep you sharp during your efforts moving forward. To that end we are committed to making your practice or enterprise as productive as possible through proactive procedures and protocols based on solid policies to provide you with liability protection, as well as a seamless back-office operation.

Our policies, protocols and procedures will evolve and be posted within the Managing Directors’ Private “Back-Office” Portal, aka Managing Directors’ Dashboard, as appropriate.


Production Phase

Production Phase – Summary (BLOCK & TACKLE ONLY)

  • Only Managing Directors and Managing Enterprise Directors make contact with our Production Dept. and monitor “In-House” progress through the following production procedures:
    • GAAP Compliant Pro Forma Financial Projections:
    • Company Valuation & Securities Pricing:
    • Regulation D 504/Title III, 506(b) or 506(c)/Title II:
    • Multi-Media Securities Sales Presentation™:
    • Secured Securities Offering Portal™:
    • Secured Employment Portal™ for Hiring a CFO or V. P. of Corporate Finance
    • Negotiation of Legal Fees.

Execution Phase

Execution Phase – Summary (BLOCK & TACKLE ONLY)

  • Only Managing Directors and Managing Enterprise Directors make contact with our Execution Dept. and monitor “In-House” progress through the following execution procedures:
    • Legal Counsel Review
    • Use of Secured Employment Portal™ for filtration and assistance in hiring a CFO or V. P. of Corporate Finance
    • Success at the Capital Conference Attendance and or Broker Dealer Engagement
    • Securities Sales and Compliance Training.
    • Crowdfunding Marketing Coordination and Compliance, if appropriate
    • Exposure to our Platinum Preferred co-investors include domestic and foreign broker dealers, domestic and foreign accredited investors and domestic and foreign corporate investors that have a 30-day first right a refusal to review all of our portfolio companies before their securities are offered, by the issuer, to the rest of the world.
    • Engagement of upstream venture capital firms or broker dealers for further capitalization, including IPOs or outright corporate sales.


NOTE: Managing Directors are not to engage directly in any part of the in-house production and execution service. Doing so is a breach of the Managing Director Agreement.

Below, you’ll find the Managing Director Orientation Examination(s). To progress to the next lesson you must correctly answer all of the questions that follow. If you make any mistakes, you can retake the examination once complete.