Affiliate Training

Getting Started as a Sprocket / Commonwealth Capital Affiliate Distributor

Thank you for your interest in joining our team and representing this exciting venture and opportunity. Together, we not only stand a good chance of making a whole lot of money, we are also going to make a huge impact in our world.

Through supporting innovative startups, together we can fuel the future.


Assuming you have already set up your affiliate account on Commonwealth Capital, it’s now your objective to expose Sprocket to as many Entrepreneurs and startups as you can.

How? As they say… Fish where the fish are.

So let’s look at what we have to offer and show you how you can use these benefits to attract hot prospects where they are most active.

The main interest and concern to new companies and startups is: “how do I get funding?”

Sprocket supports startups with access to funding through the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund-I, and other private investment interests, but just as important (if not more so) is properly preparing a company for a capital raise. This is an in-depth topic that startup and early stage Entrepreneurs “must know” in order to optimize their chances for success (as a company and for funding)

The next important issue is formulating and planning, which includes connecting all of the dots and resources necessary to not only run, but grow a profitable and successful venture.

Sprocket allows companies to leverage the power of the crowd, or what we call “crowdsourced incubation” or “social incubation” to help establish and grow their startup and early stage companies. This is done through the use of what we call Sprocket “PORTALS”. These portals are set up for the venture to showcase and collaborate on their venture with their team, peers, potential partners, vendors, supporters and “potential customers”.

When we say “potential customers”, this is key in understanding the role that Sprocket Portals play in getting the “SOCIAL PROOF” that is now being “required” by investors and funds like the Commonwealth Capital fund.

The term “Social Proof”, in simple terms, means support from the masses on the social networks.

This is important because it shows potential investors that you have a valid product or service because you have the support of an existing list of people who want to see your project succeed, and when launched, most likely will be your first customers. So consider social proof as “test marketing” for the information age.


  • Get Social Proof through “social list building” with a Sprocket Portal
  • Network and connect with the people and resources needed to create success
  • Follow a step-by-step system to prepare your company for investment (and growth)
  • Get mentored by the top industry experts in important areas of business startup and growth

If you can relay this message to anyone who is in a startup or early stage company, or if you have people who are looking to raise capital for one, you have prime candidates for Sprocket.



There are many different ways to locate these kinds of prospects, and not one way fits all since some people like belly-to-belly, others prefer to do online social marketing, and still others prefer to pick up the phone and cold call a list or prospects. Whatever your style or approach, this section will help you.

Before we get into the marketing and promotion instructional part of this publication, the first place to start prospecting is warm market. Many of our representatives are Entrepreneurs and Business Service Providers. So your first natural step in promoting your Commonwealth Affiliation would be through your warm market. Simply contact anyone and everyone you know that may be in the startup field and share the above benefits of Sprocket with them. This can help you get a quick boost in your new Commonwealth Capital affiliation.


Beyond warm market, we’ll start here because it’s the easiest to access and can, in many ways, produce faster, easier and more cost effective results than other methods.

The good news is, there are hundreds, to even thousands of places to find conversations happening around startups and getting investment for them. To begin, you may have heard the term “google is your friend”, and it certainly applies here. Simply do a search for groups, forums and blogs based on startups and early stage companies, and “startup funding”. Get creative with your terms and you will generate a different set of search results each time.

Remember, you are looking for “conversations” as we are going to do “conversational marketing” here. So mainly, you’ll be searching for “social groups”, forums and blogs with open comment streams.

You are not limited to google either. As a matter of fact, branching out to searching the social platform can open up a ton of leads and exposure opportunities. Facebook and Linkedin have tons of groups and pages dedicated to startups, venture funding, startup capital, etc. Again, get creative with the search terms to expand your search results.

Once you are in a group, page or comment stream and you have found a social conversation around startups, early stage companies or getting investment for one, you will want to join the conversation. The key here is to “be a part of the conversation” and NOT spam the page with a blatant ad. How is this done? Pretty easy if you simply read the conversation and make a relevant reply.

For example, they may be discussing where to find investors and you could post something like “I know that Sprocket is supported by a startup fund. You can find them here:”

Or…let’s say they are discussing startup marketing, you could say something like “I know Sprocket is a platform that allow startups to create social proof and do social list building. You can find them here:”

Or…let’s say they are asking “how” to raise capital, so you might say “I know that Sprocket has a step by step system to prepare companies for a capital raise. You can find them here:”

So really you are simply replying to what they are talking about with an answer in a conversational format.

If you spend 15 to 30 minutes a day (or more if you’d like) doing this, you will create a web of backlinks in social conversations across the social landscape that feed back to your affiliate URL.


Since we do have several affiliate representatives that are “professional sales people”, we’ve included this option to help you get your CC Affiliation kicked off on the right foot.

As you can imagine, the key is getting a fresh list of prospects who are “currently” involved in a startup or early stage company, and/or are looking to raise capital for one. 

To find a list of this nature, I refer you back to Google search as there are many companies that supply sales lists specifically for your needs. And again, in this case, we are looking for prospects who are “currently” involved in a startup or early stage company, and/or are looking to raise capital for one.

Once you find a list broker, ask if you can get a data sample to test from the actual list you would be purchasing. And do stress that they must be currently active, not 6 to 12 months old (or older). They have to be fresh leads for them to be effective and worthwhile.

When calling these types of leads, you can formulate your own script based on the benefits above, or contact your Sales Manager for the latest copy supplied by corporate.


For those who would rather interact personally and directly with prospects, there are tons of business functions, startup events, investment events, etc. in a major city near you. If you are in or by a major city, then you could practically go to a new event each day. You’ll need to get with your chamber of commerce, the local city directories (online) and again your favorite search engine, in order to find all of the events that support startup and early stage companies.

What you will need…

  • A smiling face
  • A business card

Beyond that, you could also create and pass out flyers at these events. Corporate is currently working on printed assets for these opportunities as we speak, so stay tuned to updates from the team managers.

As far as business cards, you can get them printed pretty inexpensively from your local printer, or jump on and pick up a handful today!  Whatever you do, make sure to add the key benefits of Sprocket and your URL to the card.


Commonwealth Capital is proud to offer the solutions that startup and early stage companies need to prepare for and execute a successful capital raise. When you refer your prospects, you can rest assured that we value your client referrals and will treat them with the utmost of care. We’ve been doing this for 18 years and have proven to be a highly reputable and valuable asset to the startup and early stage community.