Welcome to Commonwealth Capital, Architects of Finance™.

Our company goal is to enable every entrepreneur to succeed in their capital raising efforts. To this end, we’ve created the New Business and Sprocket Networks.

Most small business service professionals are using New Business and Sprocket Networks, to grow their business in ways here-to-fore unavailable. Consider the client that comes to your firm wanting to expand and use your services to help in that process, but simply does not have the capital available.

Your firm, as an Enterprise Associate of Commonwealth Capital and New Business Networks, enable your clients, customers or prospects to make a qualified decision if a securities offering is right for their company’s capitalization needs. Those who move forward and succeed in this effort become well capitalized clients.

Imagine, if you will, prospecting for new business clients with “The” solution to their capitalization needs, you have set your professional services practice apart from all the rest with no risk on your part.

Every small business professional needs the proper legal, accounting, insurance as well as sales and marketing advice, but most cannot afford it… Yet!

Financial Architect® provides a solution to pay for the proper professional services a securities-offering requires. In addition, these clients / customers become well capitalized and in need of higher levels of legal, accounting, marketing and other professional services as they grow.

As an Enterprise Associate of the New Business and Sprocket Networks you can: 

  • Enhance and Expand Your Existing Professional Practice by offering your clients and prospects, which would not normally be able to afford the process, with a relatively inexpensive way to raise capital. The Financial Architect® programs can open an entirely new market for your organization.
  • Retain Well Capitalized Clients for additional professional services and ongoing retainers.

For complete details on how to get started, with no cost or obligation, begin by reading the Enterprise Associates Agreement and sign-up to be an Enterprise Associate today.


                          “We Compete with No-one as we Incubate for Every-one!” 

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