Policy on References

We fully understand the need to conduct a thorough due diligence prior to engaging in any professional relationship, as due diligence is part of our filtration process.

Due to the mandates of federal and state(s) securities laws regarding compliance of our portfolio companies to qualify for FEDERAL AND STATE EXEMPTIONS FROM SECURITIES REGISTRATION, we are PROHIBITED from identifying our portfolio companies, so as not to violate those exemptions from securities registration. In addition, due to the provisions within the Non-Circumvent and Non-Disclosure clauses within our Corporate Finance Term Sheets we are also prohibited from distributing any information regarding our portfolio companies.

However, from time-to-time our portfolio companies, as well as our Alliances (referral network) will send us un-solicited testimonials about their successes and appreciation for our process, which we are allowed to post here to assist you in your due diligence.

We do not advertise our Wall St. to Main St. capital raising process. 100% of our portfolio companies come through a highly selective referral network, by invitation only. Our methods enable entrepreneurs to execute the capital raising process with little to no risk. Therefore, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


We Compete with No One as we Incubate for Everyone.


Testimonials 100% Unsolicited

Please find below a sample of what our clients are saying about our services and customers are saying about the Financial Architect System™.[Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]

What Entrepreneurs are saying…

“The Notes with Equity Kicker structure was great. Our investors loved it and proved it by investing faster than ever before. We raised over $1,700,000 in less than 12 weeks.”

Mark J. McKinley, CEO: DirectCast Network, Inc., Midland, MI


“Great news I put out that conversion bridge note and sold it out in all of three days. Now some individuals already want the next round and it isn’t even done yet, so I would say so far so good, good product from you, good product for us to sell, as well.”

Brian Knight, CEO
Strategic Lending Solutions


“Financial ArchitectTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] … is practical and easy to follow program to raise capital and manage the Financial health of the business.”

Jack Kerish, CEO, EdLab Ltd.


“I just want to give you all the credit you deserve for putting together such a detailed program. It reveals all the information one would need to go to market with a solid securities document to raise money.”

Rod Willis, CEO, US Market Development


“They structured the deal, produced the document, and showed us how to raise capital. It only took five and a half months to raise all of it once we knew how.”

Larry M. Mancour, Retired CEO: Chestnut Valley Golf Course, Harbor Springs, MI


“The Note/Equity Kicker PPM you and your tools helped us create is fantastic. Thank you. We have raised about half of the $1 million, and need to get this out quickly to a broader audience of people who are attracted to Note/Equity packages (11% coupon on ours).”

David Spigner, CEO,
Boda Borg Corporation


“These folks are knowledgeable, professional, and keep up on all the difficult regulations of the securities markets. I highly recommend their services to anyone I can.”

James Holton, Retired Chairman: Citizens National Bank of St. Louis, MO


“Our document was professionally done, complete and with very practical applications.”

Dave Atwood, CEO: American Web Page, LLC, Livonia, MI


“I learned a lot by reading the Secrets of Wall StreetTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] EBook and look forward to learning more through working with the material that I will purchase from Commonwealth Capital.

I have a very good friend who is a partner in a law firm that specializes in working with companies that go public and I will ask him to review the documents that I create with your programs.  He will do that for the promise of billable work that he can get once we get going and growing.”

Leon Elliott, Manager,
New Prospect L3C


“I read through the book ‘Secrets of Wall StreetTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]’. It is truly revolutionary. Both exciting and challenging. I actually felt overwhelmed with emotion many times, as if I had found my new teacher and was being spoken to personally. Through this action, your company has empowered my local business fundraising business model by opening up new worlds for its direction I did not know yet existed. I am very grateful.”

Ryan Arnfinson
vListings Media
Alberta, Canada


“You guys are great I know so many people who know you all so I am happy and trust yall.”

Autumn Bailey Entertainment LLC
Independent Film Finance
Producer/Panel Director For
Peachtree Village International Film Festival (PVIFF)


“Thank You Support Team:

As you know for us kids out hear learning from the masters who have traveled this road before, your continued support is very encouraging when one is in a slight state of stress putting this all together for the first time…. I feel like a baby in my mother’s arms being completely cared for and supported… I just want you to know that as one actually develops his dreams and passions, your business model and intention was to support those in visionaries that were falling through the cracks because financing was not available in how to make their dream come true…. Since it is our company, I do believe with the right tools as you have provided, we are actually the best one’s to write the deals….In the very beginning I wanted to believe that you were the answer to my inner most intentions for this business development. I trusted in your company and at this point I feel more confident each and every page of information that my dream can really become true.

Thank You So Much,”

Dr. Ross


“I purchased your book “The Secrets of Wall StreetTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]” and must say that is very educational. Thank You for sharing your information at a great price!”

Maurice Nusom,
Residential Holding Partners


“The Financial Architect systemTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] it has helped us tremendously. I really thank you.”

Rod Willis
Gazillion Ventures


“Are you kidding me? This ebookTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] is worth thousands of dollars. This has really opened my eyes up to a whole new world of raising capital. I have been investing in real estate for 5 years and raising small chunks from local folks, but know I am moving onto to much bigger apartment building deals and trying to figure out how to quickly get funding together correctly in order to get the best the most possible deal buildings. I have big dreams and even bigger goals.”

Daniel Dawson, Dawson & Dawson, LLC


“The Financial Architect SystemTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] is for me.”

Kevin Hathaway, Hathaway Bio Oils, Inc.



“Recently we purchased the eBookTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] and Reg D packages [Private Placement Producer – Reg. D™]. We wanted to ask one question and say thank you so much for an incredible finance, capital raising, education and coaching tool that settles so many questions ALL AT ONCE! We are elated to commit to this process long term and to know that the false romances [are] behind us now.”

Tonya C. Johnson, President, Vision’s Sown, An Ancient Baking Company


“I think it was meant to be that I ran in to some accounting snags of my own, while using the program. It forced me to take a much deeper look into my business finances than any time previously. I also learned a lot about accounting by working backwards from the ProForma calculations and following the Notes to Pro Forma to arrive at the correct figures.

“Your program saved me tens of thousands of dollars (between $25-50,000) and gave me a better understanding of the offering process. Thank you for what you’ve created, it’s helping our family’s dreams come true.”

Brad Lilly, CEO, The Bravest, LLC, Lansing, MI


“They took the time to personally walk me through the investment options that best met my particular business needs. That makes all the difference when logically selling the chosen investment vehicle to potential investors who can see that you have done your homework. Best of all, Commonwealth met and exceeded all my needs in a timely fashion.”

Patrick Moynihan, President & CEO, Paylock, Inc.


“They really could charge a lot more for this program [Financial ArchitectTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]].”

David Hoyle, President: Big Easy Technologies, LLC, New Orleans, LA


“I would like to thank you for the work you did on the Mullet Lake Marina project. Although it did not go through, the experience has taught me a lot. It is helpful knowing there are professionals such as yourself out there willing to help a young and not-so-financially-well-to-do individual like myself try to improve their quality of life. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Kerry Hamlin, Northern Lakes Propeller, Alanson, MI


“I feel in control of my destiny; thank you for this program!!!!! It is very empowering.”

Romeo (Ray) Prescott, President & CEO


I must say that I think your e-book is a “Tour de Force. It is outstandingly clear, concise and full of extremely practical methodologies. I think it should be required reading for any early stage company looking to raise capital. You’ve done an excellent job.”

David Stacey


“I am so impressed with your e-book. Can’t stop reading it!”

Mike Bacher, The Money Tree


What Educators are saying…

“As an entrepreneur turned educator I only wish I had access to such an insightful book when I started my first business. The CCA people have taken the mystery out of raising capital and how capital deals are structured. Through a step by step process the entrepreneur can now look at the many options available to raise capital and scale their business. The book is a must read for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow.”

Leonard Gingerella, Clinical Professor, Entrepreneurial Studies
Loyola University-Chicago


“This book is a complete primer that is straightforward, accurate, and practical.  It simplifies the legal and financial complexities of the funding process in direct language, and is focused on getting the entrepreneur to do what he/she does best ‘take action.'”

Raman Chadha, Executive Director, Coleman Entrepreneurship Center DePaul University


“It’s a clear explanation of the process for raising early-stage capital with valuable warnings about the pitfalls.”

Robert F. Anderson, Director of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago


“The EbookTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] is one of the most complete and well written primers on the subject that I have read. We intend to make it required reading for our inventors and contract executives here at the Center.”

David Falter, Executive Director Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science Northwestern University DevLab – Center for Technology Commercialization


“They [CCA] decided to bring some of the success strategies used by major corporations to smaller, entrepreneurial ventures! The company’s goal is to educate business owners; and to provide them with the legal documents and other tools necessary to develop effective deal structures…with the goal of attracting more investors. Bottom line, their mission matches Center for Urban Business’s mission of assisting small businesses to achieve the next level of significant growth.”

Freida J. Curry, Executive Director Center for Urban Business – University of Illinois at Chicago


What Attorney & CPAs are saying…

“Things are coming along nicely. I prepared the PPM, but instead of approaching investors, I approached prospective ‘members’ basically franchising my company. The initial membership provided the funding I needed to expand, and now if I ever need more funding, I have a base of people, (my members) to go to if they want to earn a share of their investment, kind of like an employee stock option, but these people are not employees. So thanks again for your phenomenal Financial ArchitectTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™] program.”

Sharon Claar, CPA Managing Partner
JTB Associates, LLC


“The authorship and construction of securities offering documents leaves nothing to be desired.”

Lynn Stedman, Attorney at Law: Stedman, Fershee, & Fershee Attorneys at Law, Petoskey, MI


“Any start-up or early-stage company seeking to raise capital could save itself substantial time and expense by first utilizing the information provided in this eminently practical tool.”

Dexter Johnson, Esq., Mallon & Johnson, P.C., Chicago, IL


“We are very impressed with this program [Financial ArchitectTM [Included within the Corporate Engineering Conservatory™]].”

Norman Poplowitz: Devine, Blalock, Martin & Sellari CPAs, West Palm Beach, FL


“Thank you so much for keeping me informed and updated.”

Charles Hoffman, Esq., Cheboygan, MI