Since 1991, Mr. Kuntz has been engaged in marketing technology, as both an Entrepreneur as well as holding CTO and CMO executive level positions with several small to large companies. He has also consulted for many recognizable business and tech-marketing brands. Mr. Kuntz’s strengths are in technology marketing, software development, social-media business applications, as well as start-up business development.

Mr. Kuntz has built and managed the design and deployment of online marketing and commerce systems over the past two decades that have, collectively, been responsible for generating over a billion dollars in online sales for his clients, partnerships and companies.

Mr. Kuntz built Commonwealth Capital’s original website in 1998 and today is responsible for developing, deploying and managing the company’s technology marketing systems and strategies. This includes designing, developing, and deploying the systems that support the revenue generation, growth, and ultimately, the success of the company’s overall vision and objectives.

As in the nature of the Internet, marketing technologies change and advance rapidly. Mr. Kuntz has been active in not only crafting and managing social marketing campaigns, for almost a decade now he has also been working on and building social marketing applications and software systems. These “systems” have been specifically designed for what he has coined as “Social List Building”. This is also a part of the Commonwealth Capital overall marketing strategy, which includes full integration of the Sprocket Network (a social network for startups) into the Commonwealth Capital business model.

Mr. Kuntz has had an objective and goal for many years to help create and influence the next round of emerging technologies (which he has been doing for the last two decades), and through his relationship with Commonwealth Capital, it has become his mission to help ensure that the Commonwealth Capital “organization” becomes an even bigger influence on the future of business, and the positive impact it will surely have in our world.