The Sprocket Blueprint™

Congratulations. Your company is becoming the type we invest in.

Sprocket BlueprintThrough the Sprocket Blueprint™, we are going to walk you through one of the most difficult processes in the world of finance so you can effectively sell securities to us, as well as others if need be. Quite frankly, those who make it through the Sprocket Blueprint™ process become a “force to be reckoned with.” These are the only companies we invest in.

Most of those willing to go through the Sprocket Blueprint™ process become a portfolio company of ours. If not, we make sure that they stay in an active process that further assures their success at raising substantial amounts of capital without giving up control of their companies.

The Sprocket Blueprint™ prepares your company to be positioned on the Sprocket Network™ and achieve results. We have simply disclosed the Secrets of Wall Street: Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies. More importantly, we have automated all the necessary functions to enable you to not only raise capital, but to also dominate your market with proper corporate engineering. Until you can afford to replace the Sprocket Network™ with additional management, it will serve as your surrogate CFO, HR Dept., as well as can act as your Sales and Marketing Department as well.

The Sprocket Blueprint™ process will allow you to…

  • Properly engineer your company to mitigate operational, financial and regulatory / litigation risk, thereby attracting investors, including qualifying for investment from the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I.
  • Create “social list building” campaigns for “social proofing” that enables you to “pre-build” your prospective investor, director and customer lists.
  • Access the “Financial Architect®” programs enabling you to create your own “Marketable Deal Structure” within the required securities offering documents, saving you tens of thousands of dollars (specialized attorneys charge $30,000 to $50,000+ for this alone)
  • Attract investors, directors and customers via your Sprocket Portal™ with the Sprocket Network™.
  • Leverage the Sprocket Network™ as your master sales distributor, and allow us to open sales distribution channels around the world.

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Note: Selecting one of the above purchase options gives you full access to the Sprocket Blueprint™ on the Sprocket Network™, a Commonwealth Capital platform designed to help develop quality companies for investment by the Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I, which the investment policy statement can be found HERE.