Crowd-funding, when seeking permanent or temporary investment capital, has the potential to be the single greatest achievement of the 21st century in regards to launching start-up or early stage companies. Sadly, the fundamental issue rests with the fact that most small-business owners have no idea what this process entails, legally.

Since 1998, Commonwealth Capital Advisors, as a true equity partner, has successfully engaged hundreds of start-up and early stage companies in their quest for raising millions in capital.  As former Wall Street Investment Bankers and experts in compliance matters related to selling securities, we are intimately familiar with the criteria employed to successfully raise seed, development and expansion capital. We own and manage Commonwealth Capital Income Fund I, the first venture-capital fund to specifically fund start-ups.

We created the Financial Architect System™ for you. Financial Architect® was developed to enable every entrepreneur to successfully raise seed, development or expansion capital in compliance with federal and state securities laws. More importantly, Financial Architect® allows you to maintain the vast majority of common-equity ownership interest—your most valuable asset, and voting control in your company.

Financial Architect® is constructed to enable any company to sell securities to U.S. Investors under Regulation D, an exemption from registration. In addition, Financial Architect® is also designed to conform to Regulation S, enabling U.S. companies to sell securities to foreign investors, as well, under U.S. law. Disclosures under Regulation D and S are required to post your documents on any crowd-funding site or when using general solicitation on social-media websites to raise capital. WARNING – DO NOT RELY ON THE CROWD-FUNDING PORTALS TO ENSURE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE. THE BURDEN OF COMPLYING WITH FEDERAL AND STATE SECURITIES LAWS RESTS SOLELY WITH YOU AND YOUR COMPANY—THE ISSUER, OF SECURITIES.

Crowd-funding has changed the method one can legally solicit and sell securities to investors. In order to assure you don’t sell too much of your company too early for too little and to increase the probability of actually raising the needed capital to the highest degree possible, while maintaining compliance with federal and state securities laws, be sure to download your complimentary copy of the abridged edition of The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies

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