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You need money now… on your terms.

This can be done… but you need to know how.

There are only two ways to legally raise capital in the U. S.

  1. Produce a business plan and submit it to financial institutions, i. e. Venture Capitalists (a 1.5% national success rate); or
  2. Sell securities (stock) to individual investors – (success rate much higher because it’s determined by you).

To legally sell securities you must create a securities offering document compliant with federal and state(s) securities laws.

  1. Hire a team of independent accountants, attorneys, and investment bankers to create a securities offering document (very expensive); or
  2. Hire us to do it, (reasonably expensive) or
  3. Do it yourself, for a fraction of the normal cost (incredibly inexpensive)

There are three ways to effectively sell securities.

  1. Through SEC-registered broker/dealers (They won’t engage Start-Ups);
  2. By the company’s management directly to investors – privately; or
  3. By the company’s management directly to investors – publicly through a Regulation D 506 (accredited investors only); SCOR Offering; Regulation A or CA 1001.

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